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The Social Science Students’ Council (SSSC) abides by a Constitution which holds us accountable for ensuring the welfare of every Social Science student through building community, conducting robust advocacy and implementing programming endeavours.

The SSSC will strive to enrich the experience of every Social Science student by:

  • Representing students on academic, social, and political issues within the Faculty of Social Science and the larger Western community;

  • Encouraging student engagement with school activities;

  • Mobilizing student's voices and acting in the interests of Social Science students;

  • Programming in the interests of Social Science students, including but not limited to implementing conferences and ensuring accessible professional development opportunities;

  • Appropriately and responsibly allocating funds to benefit the Social Science student body by creating opportunities and attaining annual strategic goals;

  • Acting as a catalyst for change and influence to improve school experience; and

  • Being visible and approachable to Social Science students.



Social Science Centre, Room 1051

  • 104123
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