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Western Communities

African Students Association

The African Students’ Association (ASA) is a cultural club that celebrates and raises awareness about African cultures at Western University and around the city of London. They also engage their members in socio-political forums that provide a platform to discuss issues Africans face in Canada and abroad. They focus on fundraising for local charities that promote the welfare and advancement of needy and vulnerable peoples in Africa. Their vision is to create better awareness, understanding and appreciation of African cultures, to break down social barriers between Africans and non-Africans.

Contact: asawesternontario@gmail.com

Arab Students Association

The Western Arab Students’ Association is a Western club that unites students through Arab culture. The Arab Students’ Association is a place to learn about their diverse cultures, people, and their values. Diversity is its unity.

Contact: arabstudents.club@westernusc.ca

Black Students Association

The Black Students’ Association is a USC student-run club at the University of Western Ontario. Since its inception in 1993, BSA has had a deep investment in the Black student experience at Western. They have a firm commitment to keeping their members informed about political/social issues that affect people of colour within the UWO/London community and ultimately around the world. They seek to foster community ties and provide a safe space for students to socialize.


*Offers Volunteer Opportunities

Contact: uwobsa@gmail.com

Habitat for Humanity UWO

Habitat for Humanity UWO seeks to assist the local affiliate and affiliates around the world. they DONATE, PARTICIPATE AND ADVOCATE. Donations are crucial for every Habitat build, and they seek to give what they can to every project they are involved in. Participation occurs when they help construct homes, volunteer in the Re-Store, or assist the organization in any way on a build site.

Contact: habitatforhumanity.club@westernusc.ca

Canadian Asian International Students Association (CAISA)

CAISA is one of Western's most active student organizations. They are a multicultural club that prides itself on social activities, community involvement, and academic balance: all integral parts of university life. They also host their annual CAISA Fashion Show that garner the interest of many students at Western!

Contact: caisawestern@gmail.com

Canadian-Italian Awareness Organization

Western University's Canadian-Italian Awareness Organization’s goal is to explore the Italian culture together with Western students and bring a little piece of Italy to the Western Community.

Contact: ciao.club@westernusc.ca

Caribbean Students Organization

The Caribbean Students’ Organization at Western University provides a home away from home for those from the Caribbean, as well as a link to their roots for those who have a Caribbean background. Every year, Western`s CSO hosts a Culture Show with the purpose of highlighting and celebrating the best of Caribbean culture. While it is up to the club`s members to determine what is showcased, CSO`s primary goal is to ensure that all aspects of Caribbean culture are equally highlighted through a diverse display of song, dance, food, and fashion. It is their hope to raise awareness and educate both the Western community and wider London population.

Contact: info@westerncso.com

Chinese Students Association

The Chinese Students' Association of the University of Western Ontario is one of the oldest and largest of the cultural clubs on campus. They focus primarily on creating social events, such as their signature cooperative events: Coffee Houses, Ignition, Pulse, and more. CSA also holds Western Voice, one of Canada's largest student-run singing competitions that gives Western Students a chance to sing in front of a live audience, and their members to interact with a celebrity guest judge.

Contact: uwocsa@gmail.com

Croatian Club

The Croatian Club at Western University is a club that promotes Croatian identity, culture, and language to all of those who are interested. They are all about having fun and making new friendships!

Contact: croatian.club@westernusc.ca

Hellenic Society

The Hellenic Society of The University of Western Ontario is designed to allow all students to gather and enrich their knowledge of the Hellenic Culture, music, and customs. Various events throughout the year allow club members to gather under a common interest, and promote the Hellenic way of life.

Contact: uwogreeks@gmail.com

Indigenous Student Association (First Nations)

The Indigenous Student Associations goal is to maintain a sense of community among their peers and across campus while also attempting to provide programming, events, and workshops in order to educate Western's campus about Indigenous peoples, their nations/tribes and their distinct cultures alongside current issues involving Indigenous peoples presently.

Contact: isa.westernu@gmail.com

Israel On Campus

Israel on Campus brings the homeland a little closer to home. They are a group of Western students who are united in their proud support of Israel, and their interest in giving Western a chance to learn more about Israel's people, culture, politics, and life. In the last couple of years, they hosted big-name speakers to packed audiences, raised money for Israeli charities, and hosted a concert of Israel's biggest hip-hop band. They also ran letter-writing campaigns in support of Israel, taught students Krav Maga the Israeli martial art, and held weekly Hebrew lessons.

Contact: israeloncampus.clubs@westernusc.ca

Japanese Student Association

They welcome anyone attending Western - faculty, undergraduates, graduates, and international students to join! Connect with Japanese exchange & international students, and other Western students interested in Japanese culture, language & style! Japanese International Students: they want to make sure that you receive the right support!

Contact: jsa.general@gmail.com

Korean Christian Fellowship

Korean Christian Fellowship is a club aimed at raising up its members to a greater awareness of the Christian faith, as well as connecting people into great friendships that will last a lifetime. They hope to do these things and make the Gospel known through worship, Bible study, prayer, fellowship, retreats, banquets, guest speakers, games and other activities.

Contact: kcf.club@westernusc.ca

Korean Students Association

Western University Korean Students' Association (WUKSA) is a club that strives to create a forum for all Korean students and anyone interested in Korean culture, across all faculties and undergraduate student bodies. Their executive team also aims to bring Korean culture and identity closer to the Western community to promote and celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.

Contact: koreanstudents.club@westernusc.ca

London Chinese Catholic Community

Despite the name of their group, LCCC welcomes anyone who is interested in the Roman Catholic faith. It does not matter whether you are Chinese or not, as a matter of fact, you do not even have to be Catholic and they would still welcome you to their family! Their group has weekly gatherings that celebrate their faith through discussions, sharing, prayers and singspiration. Moreover, they also have weekly social gatherings that provide their members with opportunities to get to know one another better, in turn strengthening their bonds as friends and family.

Contact: lccc.club@westernusc.ca

Pakistani Students Association

Pakistani Students Association (PSA) at Western University is an organization that coordinates educational and social activities, which promote cross-cultural understanding and international awareness. At Western, PSA provides their student body with activities, programs, and opportunities to engage with Pakistani culture.

Contact: pakistanistudents.club@ westernusc.ca

Polish Students’ Union

Their goal is to cultivate Polish roots and traditions and to foster a sense of community by bringing together all people of Polish and non-Polish origin attending Western University. They want to afford all union members with the opportunity to meet new people and engage in social activities designed for their enjoyment and benefit, as well as foster a sense of pride in union members in the accomplishments of the Polish people and the nation of Poland.

Contact: psuuwo@gmail.com

Romanian Students Association

The RSA at Western provides students with the opportunity to connect with others sharing similar roots or interests in Romanian culture and customs. This is a learning opportunity for every student looking to join, regardless of their background is rooted within the culture, or their curiosity has drawn them to increase their knowledge about Romania and its people.

Contact: romanianstudents.club@westernusc.ca

SALSA - Spanish American and Latin Student Association

The Spanish and Latin Student Association combines dance, food and entertainment through cultural and social events to bring together the Latin American community within Western. Their members get to experience their famous SALSA Lessons. They host many festivals, parties, formals and many events celebrating Spanish/Latin culture.

Contact: salsa.club@westernusc.ca

South East Asian Association

SEAA is a cultural club that uniquely attracts members of all backgrounds through their many entertaining social events. SEAA fulfills its duty to all members by providing a variety of events that grasp university students' needs whether they be academic, social, or charitable.

Contact: seaa.club@westernusc.ca

Spectrum UWO

Spectrum UWO is a student-run club that works to provide LGBTQIA+ students with opportunities to meet other queer students with diverse sexual and gender orientations in the Western community. Spectrum aims to bring students together for the common goal of building a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students on campus and creating a social network through various events and socials throughout the year. They are dedicated to creating LGBTQIA+ and queer spaces on campus where students can feel safe.

Contact: spectrum.club@westernusc.ca

Sri Lankan Students’ Alliance

SLSA is a cultural club dedicated to educating both Western and the London community about the unique history and diverse cultures of Sri Lanka. It is open to everyone with an interest in learning about Sri Lanka.

Contact: srilankanstudents.club@westernusc.ca

Taiwanese Association at Western

The Taiwanese Association at Western exists to promote the Taiwanese Culture within Western society to achieve a sense of multiculturalism. The Taiwanese Association will coordinate social and cultural events tailored to anyone interested in the culture; thereby enhancing the experience of club members. The Taiwanese Association at Western seeks to provide a comfortable environment for Taiwanese students who are away from home. 

Contact: tawuwo@gmail.com

Vietnamese Students Association

The Vietnamese Students' Association is an organization created to promote Vietnamese Culture, to develop social networks and to strengthen the relationship between the Vietnamese community at the University of Western Ontario and the Vietnamese community of London.

Contact: vietnamesestudents.club@westernusc.ca

Western IndoCanadian Students Association

A student-run, non-profit organization sanctioned by the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. WICSA has been organizing cultural, social, academic, and philanthropic events for over 30 years, making it one of the oldest of its kind. Since its establishment in 1983, WICSA has grown to become an organization with a strong sense of community. From founding Sitaron Ki Mehfil, an inter-university dance competition and cultural show comprising acts from university students across the province, to organizing their annual Charity Basketball Tournament, too many other smaller networking-based events.

Contact: wicsa.info@gmail.com

Western Ontario Organization of Filipinos

WOOF and its dedicated members act as the cultural ambassadors of the Filipino Culture on the UWO campus. Their club is based on their pillars: ARTS, CULTURE, COMMUNITY, AND CHARITY. Whether you are Filipino or not, they welcome you with open arms.

Contact: woof.comms@gmail.com