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The Finance team is tasked with supporting each portfolio with budgeting our operating budget and integrating our grants for events and initiatives that impact Social Science students. The Finance team projects and finalizes our budget three times a year ensuring transparent and fiscal responsibilty. The Vice President of Governance and Finance utilizes policies to administer our budget and engaging events. In September, an internal grants committee is elected to decide on departmental, student organization, and individual student grants. This year our VP Finance, Daniel, is prioritizing implementing an effectively planned budget where the use of funds can be enjoyed by all Social Science students, both academically and socially.

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Nicolas Bottger

VP Finance

Program: Honors Specialization in Global Economics

5th Year

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Nihaal Rana

AVP Finance

Program: DAN Department of Management and Organizational Studies

3rd Year

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Daniel Klapper

VP Governance & Finance


Cole Fuerth

AVP Finance

Finance Coordinators


Carrie McCowan


Alex Lowell

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