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NEW! International Student Resource Guide

Check out our all-new International Student Research Guide for information on both on-campus & off-campus resources, wellness tools, and more!


Survival Guide

Download this year's Survival Guide, full of information that will help you be successful this year!


Social Science Academic Counselling

Location: Social Science Centre Room 2105

Contact - Phone: (519) 661-2011; E-mail: 

About: Academic counsellors assist with: module and degree choices, receiving academic accommodation for missed work, gaining special permission for courses as well as interpreting academic policies, privileges and regulations.

Writing Support Center


Location: Students can submit their written work directly to Online Writing Assistance without a booked appointment. 

Contact - E-mail:

About: At the Writing Support Center advisors will review your work and email you use and informed feedback about your writing. Students will have their work reviewed on a first-come-first-served basis.

Learning Support Services

Location: Western Student Services Building 

Contact - Phone: (519) 661 2183; E-mail:

About: Learning Support Services offer confidential appointments to all students at Western. Counsellors and staff members help students cope with the demands of post-secondary learning, helping to identify strengths and develop new skills and strategies for success. 

Student Accessibility Services

Location: Western Student Services Building

Contact - Phone: (519) 661-3017; E-mail:

About: Student Accessibility Services provides academic support and engagement to students by offering a variety of services on-campus devoted to promoting accessibility,  ensuring that individuals have equitable access to meet graduate and undergraduate program requirements, and can utilize Western's services and facilities.

Wellness Education Center (ONC)

Location: University Community Centre Basement, Room 76

Contact - Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext. 87127

About: A safe and comfortable environment, the WEC connects students with professional health and wellness services at Western and in the London community. 

Student Health Services (OC)

Location: University Community Centre Basement: UCC Room 11

Contact - E-mail: shappt@uwo.c

About: An appointment-based medical clinic for students, however, urgent problems can often be seen the same day. 

Peer Support Center (ONC)

Location: University Community Center Room 256

Contact - E-mail: 

About:  The Peer Support Center is a student-led safe space designed to allow students to express their feelings.  Acting as the first point-of-contact, the Peer Support Center is for students who are looking to be connected to resources on campus and within the city of London.

Psychological Services (ONC)

Location: Western Student Services Building Room 4100

Contact - E-mail:

About: Western Psychological Services provides free and confidential counselling, mental health workshops and wellness lecture series to students.

Student Emergency Response Team (ONC)

Contact - Office Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext. 84824; Emergency Phone: (519)-661-3300 

About: The Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) is a student-run, volunteer organization providing emergency medical response to 911 calls on Main Campus, Brescia, and Huron during the academic school year. 

Residence Counselling (ONC)

Location: Ontario Hall Room 3C10

Contact - E-mail: 

About: Free, short-term counselling services to students who live in a Main Campus residence. They provide confidential support to help students manage a variety of emotional challenges and promote healthy living. 

Gender-Based Violence and Survivor Support 

Location: Western Student Services Building Room 2150 

Contact - Phone: (519) 661-3568; E-mail:


Equity and Human Rights Services 

Location: Western Student Services Building Room 2150 

Contact - Phone: (519) 661-3568; E-mail:

Crisis Help Line (OFFC)

Contact - Phone: 1-866-933-2023

About: A 24/7 information, support and crisis service for those living in the London area.

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