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Favourite Study Spots on Campus, that isn’t Weldon.

Finding a place to study that isn’t your bedroom can make a huge difference when you are trying to be productive and get your assignments done. I mean, let’s face it, studying right next to your bed usually just ends up you scrolling on your phone and not getting anything done. So in case you needed some inspiration to leave the house, written by a first year, for a first year, here are some of my favourite study spots on campus, that isn’t Weldon!

5. University College

University College, Western’s most iconoic landmark is a great and completely underrated study spot on campus. Although, University College is an incredibly old building, the interior, like many spots on campus, is completely renovated. Unlike many of the places I mentioned in this list, University College does not have one centralized study spot, but little ones dispersed through the building, which offers some flexibility in study scenery. The best part? You never get kicked out of this building past a certain hour! Super late night study sesh? No problem just try not to leave the building or you’ll get locked out. Overall, University College is definitely a spot I would recommend to anyone that wants to switch up their study locations.

4. Physics and Astronomy

The Physics and Astronomy building, or PANDA for short, is also another beautiful study spot on campus. The main foyer has a beautiful mix between a modern design and that old university building aesthetic. PANDA tends to be quite empty and as a result is also a great quiet location to study. There is a wide variety of seating ranging from couches to benches to high-top chairs. Whatever your study needs are, physics and astronomy is always a reliable choice...

3. Thames Hall

Thames hall is also another great study location on campus. Although it looks old and lacks personality from the outside, do not let that fool you as the interior is completely renovated. As soon as you walk into the main foyer, you will notice a beautiful wall filled with stunning greenery. It’s essentially a garden but on the wall. The main foyer also has a beautiful skylight, allowing natural light to fill the entire foyer. Without a doubt, Thames Hall is one of the most aesthetic study spots on campus.

2. John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library (located in the Law building)

The John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library, or the law library, is another great study location. The library itself has a dark academia vibe, which I absolutely love! The law library is also one of the quietest study spots on campus, as it tends to not be very busy whatsoever. Similar to the Ivey library, the law library offers the same comfortable seating arrangements, making the overall study experience really enjoyable. Overall, if you are looking for a chill and quiet spot to study, the law library has your back.

1. C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library (located in the Ivey building)

The C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library, or the Ivey library as I call it, is hands down one of my favourite study spots on campus. The library is newly built, so the architecture and the design of the library is very modern. The seating options in the library are all incredibly comfortable, allowing long study sessions to be super easy . However, the defining feature of the library are its whiteboard tables. These tables allow for a more versatile studying experience, allowing you to quickly jot things down directly on the table you are studying at. Overall, the Ivey library is a great study spot.

Written By: Stavros Liakakos

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