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How to Join the SSSC

There is no need to sugarcoat it; applying to jobs, clubs, and councils can be hard and defeating. Not having a 'in', not knowing what they're looking for and unfamiliarity with navigating applications make it really hard. Trust me, even though I'm writing this as Social Science President, I was rejected by council and didn't think I would find my way in. While I joined the SSSC through a public election, I want to give you the resources and some tips for your joining to joining the biggest and baddest council on campus.

- Sofia, President

  • Choose a role you're interested in.

I will be the first to admit that sometimes you want to join for reasons other than serving social science students and you are not alone. The reason council members choose to stay is because they have built a community, they enjoy our events, they want to meet new people and more. However, choosing a role or a portfolio that you have an expertise or a genuine interest in will be obvious in an application or interview. If you aren't sure, that's completely normal. I've met with plenty of students so far to help them decide which role is best for them and I would be happy to do it for you. You can send our instagram a DM or send me an email (@ssscwestern or

- Sofia, President

don’t be afraid if you don’t exactly know what you are doing, that’s okay, as long as your passionate about it! - Rhegan, VP Student Events

  • It is a misconception that you have to have prior council experience

This is something that I worried about a lot. I thought the window had passed and that I wasn't going to be able to join. This is definitely untrue. Both the President, Sofia and our VP Advocacy, Shreya just finished our first year as members of council and I'm about to start my first term on the SSSC. Highlight ur experiences in ur community, work, with friends and family to show that u are willing to branch out. We want members who are eager to learn and contribute to a positive environment for social science students.

- Isha, VP Communications

  • Don't worry about needing to know the ins and outs of council.

A willingness to learn is the only 'skill' you need. For roles such as social media, website coordinator, or finance coordinator we will help you to get familiar with the different tools. Be transparent with your experiences and advocate for the strengths you will bring.

- Isha, VP Communications

  • Use your interview to show how you will be as a member of the team

Be yourself and be truthful of what you want to accomplish with ur time on council! Not everyone has the same goals and that’s okay, teams need to balance so don't try to portray what you believe we want but focus on showing your strengths.

- Rhegan, VP Student Events

  • Advocate for what you and those around you need

Think about what's missing at Western and in Social Science. Take student needs and where academic supports are lacking and use those to decide your advocacy priorities.

- Sofia, President

Our team is incredibly excited to welcome you to the Social Science Student's Council and we look forward to reading your application and meeting you. Feel free to reach out for help along the journey whenever and remember applications are due May 19, 2023.

Written by: Social Science Student's Council Executive Team

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