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Study Around the World, Without Breaking the Bank

Written By: Sofia Ouslis, President

Going to school at Western, doesn't mean learning only happens in London. The Study Abroad program allows education around the world in any discipline. However, no one has said studying abroad is affordable and accessible. The good news is, if you’re a student at Western, especially in the Faculty of Social Science, it can be affordable - even free.

Here are the steps to applying to both your international learning opportunity, and securing funding.

  1. Check out Western Atlas, here you will find hundreds of opportunities, on each continent, and in every program. (You will also see here if programs have their own scholarships)

    1. Atlas

  2. Once you have put in your application for the study abroad you want, start your scholarship application. The Western scholarships usually close at the same time as the actual opportunities so don’t wait for a response from the study abroad, apply to everything at the same times, the current due date for Western International Scholarships are in two rounds, November 15th and February 15th.

    1. Funding (Western seems to change the link a lot so if it is broken search: Western University Study Abroad Funding)

  3. Craft your responses about why you want to go on this study abroad, how it will positively impact your experience at Western and in your future.

Below are some of the highlighted Scholarships, some which do not require supplementary information:

  • Western’s Admissions Scholarships

    • If you received one of these scholarships when entering Western, you already have funding for a study abroad, all you have to do is visit: Funding

      • Western Scholarship of Excellence ($1,000)

      • Western Scholarship of Distinction ($2,000)

      • Western Admission Scholarship ($1,000)

      • Carmeta Thelma Hodges Western Continuing Admission Scholarship of Excellence for Black Students ($2,000)

      • Western Continuing Admission Scholarship of Excellence for Black Students ($2,000)

      • Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth Jacobs Western Continuing Admission Scholarship of Distinction for Black Students ($2,000)

      • Western Continuing Admission Scholarship of Excellence for Indigenous Students ($2,000)

  • Western Alumni Global Opportunities Award in Social Science ($2,000)

  • International Learning Award ($1,000)

There are also program specific scholarships -

  • Ontario-Rhone-Alpes (ORA) Exchange Program

    • Anyone registered in the ORA program is automatically entered into the Scholarship when accepted into the program. The longer your exchange, the more the funding, starting at $1,200 for one month, $2,500 for one semester, and $3,500 for a full-year

  • More information can be found on the Atlas website with each Study Abroad Program and their specific scholarships!

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