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Letter from the President

Advocacy is at the heart of all our operations at the Social Science Students’ Council. We firmly believe that when students raise their voices and mobilize, change is possible.


We’ve seen this to be the case; from the recent implementation of a new campus-wide sexual- and gender-based violence policy to increased financial aid for students across the province in light of the pandemic, student voices are evidently listened to. Our Dean’s Office has been especially receptive to the concerns we have flagged regarding racism on campus and the deficits of the Orientation program. One thing is clear: our leaders are listening. We must continue to speak up.


By lobbying our faculty and university administration, the University Students’ Council, the various levels of government, and tertiary institutions, we fight for the issues that are important to Social Science students. Our current advocacy priorities include racial, religious, and Indigenous students’ equity; sexual- and gender-based violence prevention and response; quality of education improvements; and pandemic-related financial aid.


Our advocacy is student-informed and data-driven. This is why we produce research and engage in consultations with the student body when we are fighting for any given issue. This year, we are producing research on the efficacy of performance-based funding; the affordability of post-secondary education; student athlete wellness; academic wellness; and student engagement.


We’d love to hear from you! How can we improve your student experience through our advocacy? Do you want to get involved? E-mail Zamir ( and Maeve ( to share your thoughts!

About Our Advocacy Work

The advocacy portfolio of the SSSC, a new initiative started in the 2020-21 academic year, is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Social Science students as a key stakeholder of the university. Through active engagement that garners diverse perspectives, we champion for sustainable changes that will enhance the collective student experience. At our core, we believe that advocacy is a fundamental and necessary mechanism to engender positive and long-lasting impact.


Current advocacy priorities include racial, religious, and Indigenous equity; sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response; quality of education; and pandemic-related financial aid.

This year, we are also producing research on the following issues:


- Performance-Based Funding - Education Affordability - Student-Athlete Wellness - Academic Wellness - Student Engagement & Outreach


For more information about general advocacy efforts and recent advocacy wins, check out:

  •  University Student’s Council page on advocacy

  •  Western Student Senators page on advocacy  

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